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The First Zero Trust Edge Device

The SohoStar Queb® supports E-Voting

E-voting has not yet been implemented or accepted by our Government. That doesn’t prevent the technology from being developed. One scenario of E-Voting requires the identification and proof of citizenship with the Government. The citizen generates a public and private key, and associates the public key with the citizen in government records. At the time…
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What is SohoStar’s WhereIsFido™?

WhereIsFido™ is a service of SohoStar’s The Red Pill® brand which provides domain name to IP address mapping similar to traditional Domain Name Services (DNS), provided by ISPs. The Red Pill® technology takes it a step farther by providing security ratings which can warn of mis-matched names and addresses when hackers “spoof” email and websites.…
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What is CidrPress ™

CidrPress ™ is a primary service of SohoStar’s The Red Pill® brand to provide internet security, raise awareness of wrong doing, and maintain a long term history of “bad operators”. CidrPress support is exclusively available on The Red Pill® products from SohoStar. CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, and specifies an IP address range. A…
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have such a long legal contract? We have a separate page that describes our Terms and Conditions that is unfortunately long. We want to make sure that Red Pill owners understand what is included with The Red Pill. SohoStar is a service business that provides certain support services: TruDns, CidrPress, WhereIsFido, and…
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