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What is CidrPress ™

The First Zero Trust Edge Device

What is CidrPress ™

CidrPress ™ is a primary service of SohoStar’s The Red Pill® brand to provide internet security, raise awareness of wrong doing, and maintain a long term history of “bad operators”. CidrPress support is exclusively available on The Red Pill® products from SohoStar.

CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing, and specifies an IP address range. A PUBLIC IP address is unique across the Internet as a location identifier. There are certain address ranges that have been set aside that are not public, and routers – devices that move data traffic – do not distribute non-public addresses. Non-public addresses are private local network ranges such as 10.x.x.x, or 192.168.x.x, for example.

The Internet address scheme created high level broad ranges and a hierarchy of sub-ranges or sub-nets. Each range or sub-net can be defined by a CIDR. Your ISP assigns your IP address out of the range of their CIDR. Your ISP’s CIDR is a sub-net of their “Parent’s CIDR”. In this way with a bit of organization, data traffic is passed through the Internet being routed by CIDRs like a bug’s path on a tree.

Your Data, as the “bug”, exits the “leaf” onto a “branch” headed toward the root. At each branch juncture there are CIDR labels, which indicate what addresses are accessible on that branch. As you can picture, all branches typically have sub-branches, who have sub-branches and so on, until you reach your destination leaf.

The CidrPress ™ service keeps track of activities based on individual bad-actors. These maybe individuals “hacking” from homes, schools, or businesses, foreign cabals phishing, attempting to steal identities, and even entire foreign governments attempting to weaken, steal, or disrupt business, politics, communications and services. Since 2013, we’ve recorded more than 1,000,000 incidents covering 65,000 CIDRs, and more than 10,000 network owners. We are currently restricting 55,000 IP addresses and CIDR ranges.

The question becomes what does SohoStar do with this information and how do we protect you?

CidrPress ™ reports security incidents to multiple AI based servers that lookup in the global database to determine:

  • Who owns the CIDR of the offending IP address
  • What country it is in
  • What kind of offense
  • Who to contact
  • Should additional measures be taken against the address or CIDR

CidrPress ™ assigns risk factors and escalation threshold conditions to each incident. Email is sent to the CIDR owner reporting the incident; although the CIDR owner has no obligation to actually deal with the IP address involved. A Score is assessed to the CIDR. Once unresolved incidents reach a threshold level, actions are taken which may restrict the entire CIDR, all CIDRs under an owner or other actions. As all CIDRs are sub-nets of “Parent” CIDRs, actions may included escalations and warnings to “parents” which includes initiating restrictions on all of their CIDRs.

Is this effective?

Without any other spam checking tools, more than 95% of spam has been eliminated. Statistical evidence of Foreign Nationals hacking has been collected. Every SohoStar device has access to CidrPress™ and is protected. Collectively, each “hive” of contact Quebs is pre-warned against a single attacker – essentially attack one and all SohoStar devices are warned.

SohoStar assumes that most users of the Internet are good. Other than State sponsored Cyber Attacks, ISPs don’t want individuals negatively drawing attention to their infrastructure. Hosting an individual directing DDOS attacks is not good for bandwidth and network performance, and public exposure of specific hosting services as a hotbed of hackers doesn’t bode well in the public market.

CidrPress™ allows CIDR owners to police their own “net residents” to prevent Local, National and International isolation. SohoStar escalates reports when a CIDR owner doesn’t abate or correct the issues for repeat offenders.

Because the “leaf” devices are individually in control, CidrPress™ assists in providing access control, allowing each leaf to create exceptions specifically for their owner’s needs. Most users aren’t savvy in ensuring network security, especially in this development of the Internet Of Things (IOT). CidrPress ™ has been designed as an integral part of The Red Pill® technology, and is guided by Artificial Intelligence for threat management.

CidrPress™ is tightly coupled with 2 other SohoStar services: TruDns™, and WhereIsFido™. Together, they are crucial in the success of Hive routing, privacy, security, and overall protections of individual devices’ personal, business, and government communications.

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