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What Is The Red Pill®?

The First Zero Trust Edge Device

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The Red Pill® is a networking product which provides digital communications services for home and business. The underlying principle is to create a robust application appliance that unifies, secures, and amplifies your communications, whether “social” networking, keeping in touch, or seeing the Matrix as it really is.

It doesn’t matter if you live on dialup, wireless, cellular, or satellite, even if you’re considered a rural connection. SohoStar has been developing a communications portal to enable Integrated Services which are critical for smart applications, especially in creating low cost infrastructure which is viable even without high bandwidth. Everyone seems to be chasing the biggest and fastest technology, but not the smartest technology. SohoStar realizes that the “smarts” of a system isn’t and shouldn’t be in the network, but near you, where it will give you the best leverage.

The Red Pill® is a multi-processor appliance with internal battery backup. It uses a custom AI based operating system, designed specifically from 20 years of semantic engineering research. MOST importantly, it is based on original, privately funded, off-the-radar engineering – IE, not Apple, Google, Facebook, Java, Microsoft or any other source you’ve ever heard of. It was developed to inter-operate with every known protocol for both Telephony and the Internet over secure digital transports. It was designed from fault-tolerant principles used in 911 services, but also from global standards for authenticated and reliable global communications.